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Author, apologist, professor, and philosopher, Peter Kreeft has been one of the most prolific and beloved Catholic writers of the last two decades.

He has written over forty books, many of them apologetic in nature, aimed at explaining Christianity and Catholic teaching to a popular audience. Several other books reflect his love for philosophy, especially the thought of Socrates.

A reader of my previous posts- WTH and WTH Part 2– kindly sent me an article Dr. Kreeft has written simply titled HELL.

I think my friend is worried that I am taking Hell too lightly and that a good stiff dose of strong Catholic writing is what I need to get myself straight.

As President Obama might say- Let me be clear- In the previous posts I have not suggested that Hell, and for that matter purgatory, do not exist. I believe as Kreeft does when he states:

“Why do we believe there’s a hell? Not because we’re vindictive. “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Why, then? Simply because we’ve been told, by Christ himself….Hell follows from two other doctrines: heaven and free will. If there is a heaven, there can be a not-heaven. And if there is free will, we can act on it and abuse it. Those who deny hell must also deny either heaven (as does Western secularism) or free will (as does Eastern pantheism).”

The key point I have been exploring is not about the existence of Hell but as Kreeft asks in the article I am interested in- “The most important question about hell, as about heaven,which is the practical one: What roads lead there?”

I encourage to click on the link below to see what Dr. Peter Kreeft has to say on that subject as we continue to ask- WTH?

Click here to read the full article.

In WTH Part 2 I quoted from an article by Fr. Robert Barron called- Is Hell crowded or empty. Below is a video of Fr. Barron exploring various historical viewpoints on Hell.

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