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I got the following e-mail from a parishioner with respect to my recent homily and the story of Christina Noble. Here is the comment and the YouTube video.

What do you think: Will God watch over these children? It is a great question and please feel free to comment with your thoughts if you have some insights:

I read the story about Christina after you mentioned it in today’s homily.  I also watched her on YouTube and could not help but shed some tears.  I was moved and ignorant that children live on the streets like that today.  We are so fortunate and blessed here in Toronto that it saddens me to know that these children are alone.  Being an elementary school music teacher in Toronto, I cannot help but to think how lucky my students are even though some don’t have as much as others.  My students have family or someone who takes care of them.  They have a place to sleep and eat and they are blessed with an education.  I want to believe this, but need to ask you, will God watch over these children? Although God has sent Christina and her foundation, I noticed in her video her saying to the children “I’m sorry you have to go in the hole to live” and she cried as she saw the children enter the underground home.  She’s one person and there are many children.  I trust that God will find help for her.

God bless,


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