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As we get ready for the homily this weekend- and running a bit behind in preparation. I stumbled across this video from the Reverend Dr. Timothy Coombs. It looks like the folks at   Trinity Presbyterian Church in New York State have some pretty interesting vignettes on some of the key folks in the bible. Here is on John the Baptist.

Check this out but first a note. This site is big on advertising so you will need to “pay” for the content by listening to a short advertising. This is a growing trend on the information highway, and I assume this goes to a good cause as it is not cheap to produce this type of material. So be patient and the commercial too will pass. Click on the “X” to get rid of the pop-up.

3 Responses to “Who was John the Baptisit?”

  1. Tim Coombs says:

    I haven’t watched this in a while. I’m glad you found it on the Howcast site. I answered over 40 questions like this that they provided for me, based on google research on what questions people were asking about in the Bible. There is much more to say about John the Baptist, but I was limited to less than 3 minute answers.

  2. deaconmike says:


    Thanks for writing and for the great work on these videos. It fit well with the theme I wanted to explore in my homily this week. All the best.