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Regular readers will know that Fr. Richard Rohr is one of my spiritual mentors. He talks plainly and challenges the comfortable status-quo.

This is only a small clip but it will give you idea of his work. In this session he asks the question-What did Jesus really teach? What is non-negotiable? Have we slowly fallen away from the core of the teaching of Jesus and created an “evacuation plan for the next world” instead of loving our neighbor in this world.

The non-negotiables  based on the teachings of Jesus according to Rohr include:

    • Peacemaking
    • Love of Enemy
    • Forgiveness
    • Justice and Generosity to the poor
    • A community based on inclusion of all not exclusion- (this is a real challenge- think about it.)

Fr. Rohr concludes by saying that “You could say that Jesus was crucified because of who he ate with”.


2 Responses to “What did Jesus really teach?”

  1. Olivia says:

    This is absolutely amazing. My daughter and I had a similar discussion last week and I’m so glad that I didn’t say much in response to her criticisms of the church because now i can send this link to her as Fr. Rohr has said it so incredibly well.

    Thanks very much.

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