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Here is the final installment in our series on What did Jesus really teach about: A community based on inclusion of all not exclusion.

I have been thinking about this non-negotiable as Fr. Rohr calls it for some time. Rohr challenges us to find an example in the New Testament where Jesus either teaches or practices excluding anyone from the banquet table.

I have looked and I can’t find one.

Rohr correctly states that Jesus always names the situation correctly, which means he is not afraid to name the sin, but then he always makes it clear that the sinner is fully accepted and acceptable in his eyes.

It is not difficult to see why Rohr ruffles feathers. He asks straight out if we have built churches that are more like “Country Clubs” with membership rules that exclude those that Jesus would willing invite to his table. He uses the Catholic teaching around who may receive Communion in a way that is sure to anger many.

Have we built walls that exclude people? It is a powerful question to ponder.

Fast forward to the 3 minute and 50 second mark to listen to Fr. Rohr is talking about building a community based on inclusion not exclusion.

Warning: Prepare to be challenged!

Fr. Richard Rohr’s website at: www.cacradicalgrace.org

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