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It might seem an odd choice but the animated movie UP would easily be in my Top 10 films of all time. In less than 10 minutes it captures one of the best love stories ever told in the movies.

I tell every bride and groom I marry about the inspirational story of Carl & Ellie.They meet as kindred spirits when they are just kids. They share a passion for exploring and adventure.

Then they get married which is where our first clip below begins. In a little over 4 minutes we experience the entire married lives of Carl & Ellie.

The joys, the disappointments, the plans and life’s mishaps that cause all of us to have to change those plans. As John Lennon says in his song – Beautiful BoyLife is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

Ellie leaves Carl her Adventure Book. Carl thinks that the scrapbook ends on the page titled-Stuff I am going to do. Then in the scene below he finds out that his beloved Ellie had in fact lived out her adventure  in full. Yes she never made it Paradise Falls- that was the plan- but life got in the way and she loved her adventure with Carl.

Ellie leaves Carl with one final gift when she says: “Thanks for the adventure- Now go have a new one.”

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