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In case you are one of the last people not to have seen the famous Sound of Music flash mob that took over Antwerp Central train station and has over 20 million hits on YouTube. Even if you have seen it it just makes one feel good to hear it again- even I like it and I am not a Sound of Music fan!!!

The second is one sent to me by a reader in response to the first flash mob video on an outbreak of the  Hallelujah Chorus .

So here are two flash mobs that came together to sing  and dance and  make sure you stay to the end and watch how all the participants quietly and quickly go  about their business.

This post is dedicated to the most incredible woman I know who happens to be the one of the biggest fans of the Sound of Music in this world!

I do believe she is amazing!!!!!!

One Response to “Two more flash mobs- Sit back and smile and believe!”

  1. Olivia says:

    Think of the joy that these flash mobs bring to so many, including the participants themselves. This is an example of an interruption setting the tone for the rest of the day. Truly amazing to see the commonality among people!