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Tweet of the Week

As you can see by the block on the sidebar of the blog, I have a joined the conversationĀ  on Twitter. I have been building “followers'” slowly and I am proud to report I am up to 29!

By last count this puts me about 5,626,380 followers behind Britiny Spears who is number 1. She has been at it a lot longer than I have and I have figured out that at the rate I am adding followers I should catch her in about 78,000 years give or take. She should be really old by then.

While I work away at catching up to Britiny, I thought I would highlight a Tweet every week or so and add a comment that exceeds the 140 character limit on Twitter.

If you have never visited Twitter and you think it is just a waste of time give it a chance. I use it to follow folks that offer up motivational and thought provoking quotes. I then “retweet” them or outright steal them, always giving credit to the original author. It’sĀ  fun and every so often something comes along that makes you go- “WOW” that is profound.

It is easy to find me and others by visiting Twitter.com and entering- deaconmikewalsh- for my Tweets and then explore for others you might be interested in keeping tabs on.

Here is an example of a Tweet that speaks for itself:

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