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If you have never met C.S. Lewis, I encourage you to check him out. He is a wonderful writer and deep Christian thinker who experienced great joy and suffering while on his journey. (Link to some of his books.)

This Tweet of the Week is dedicated to the late Father Joe, a Jesuit I never met but whose chance encounter with a friend of mine  has had a major impact on my mission as a deacon.

While on a five day retreat just before ordination in 2004, my friend encountered Fr. Joe on his scooter as he sped around the grounds of the Jesuit retreat centre we were visiting.

My friend told Fr. Joe  he was with this group of men about to be ordained as deacons and as Father rode off into the sunset he looked back at my friend and said in a loud voice:

“Never forget to tell that people that Jesus loves them.”

Fr. Joe died shortly after this encounter and although I never met him,  I want to let him know that I will never forget his words of advice and do my best to live by them.

C.S. Lewis and Fr. Joe are two excellent role models.

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