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It has always amazed me at how unhappy some deeply religious people are. Some followers of Christ seem to have no joy in their piety and I for one think God would be saddened by this.

Why do I think God laughs?

All I have to do is look at Jesus for an answer to that question. He came to earth and traveled as an “itinerant preacher.’ He had no wealth to buy his friends and no position or stature that would make him a celebrity. No royal title recognized by the kings, queens and rulers of the day.

Jesus attracted followers who fell in love with his teachings to be sure, BUT they also fell in love with him as a person. They enjoyed his company and they most likely laughed together. While I am not sure it is absolute proof, I believe the wedding feast of Cana is one such example of Jesus and his friends enjoying themselves at a feast.

The next time you are in church and some preacher makes you laugh, imagineĀ  Jesus laughing right along with you.

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