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A personal reflection following the first long weekend of the Canadian summer season. This change in the seasons is marked by our celebration of the birthday of Queen Victoria who was born in 1819.

Victoria Day has been a fixture in Canada since the country was founded and most of us now refer to it simply as the May “two four” weekend. It is a constant in an ever changing world and a sign that summer is either here or we can at least see it from here.

For our little family these past 12 months have been time of great change. It was a year ago today that my wife had her surgery for breast cancer. In an instant everything was different and the only certainty about the future was that it had become uncertain.

Therefore, it was wonderful to share the May 2-4 weekend with our kids at the cottage. It was reassuring that some things have remained the same.

When we arrived at the lake a family of Canadian geese were making their way onto our lawn for a snack. You see I hate geese, so the kids and my wife got a laugh at me running after them like a wild man causing them to scurry back to the safety of the water.

There was the campfire and sight of us sitting in a screened in tent to ward off the bugs but enjoying each others company.

I could go on but you get the point. Change is all around us and it is a simple and unavoidable fact of life. What makes it manageable are the constants we can come back to when it all seems to be too much.

A big thanks to her majesty Queen Victoria and on the occasion of her 192nd birthday and I offer a toast To the Queen– who I have come to count on!

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