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I had the opportunity today to present to the first year diaconate formation program at St. Augustine’s seminary in Toronto.Here is one description of the role of the deacon that I like:

The deacon is a pre-eminent minister of charity and justice. The service of charity/justice is as extensive as are human needs. The deacon ministers in prisons and in hospitals. He visits the homebound, serves the mentally ill, chemically dependent, the abused and battered, the old and the young, the abandoned, the dying and the bereaved. Since in modern society it is no longer sufficient merely to help someone in need, a deacon should also be involved in social justice and advocacy efforts for a just society.

The focus of the presentation was on the primary role of charity in which the deacon is of service to the community using my personal experiences with the Friends of Dismas as an example.

I promised to post a copy of the presentation for the class so here it is : Diaconate_Ministry_Ex_Offenders_Jan 2010

For moreĀ  information on the diaconate program in Toronto you can click here.

And below isĀ  a video that highlights some of the deacons in the Toronto and their ministry work:

2 Responses to “To Serve and not to be served”

  1. BarbClapperton says:

    Deacon Mike, I really enjoyed these two pieces, this must be a very satisfying piece of film for you to watch, to see right in front of you how many lives you touch and help. Good Job Deacon Mike – many times I think Dave should also follow this path – who knows – maybe one day.

  2. deaconmike says:

    Thanks Barb for the note and the kind thoughts- if Dave ever wants to talk about it let me know although you guys have a full time job with your beautiful family. Take Care- Mike