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This Sunday’s Readings

This weeks readings from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which uses the New American Bible. They offer a Podcast and other bible related content.

Click here for THIS SUNDAY’S  readings

The Word on Fire

The Word On Fire – Fr. Robert Barron’s internet site offers many interesting insights into all things Catholic. Fr. Barron has a full library of homilies that he has prepared and we will be featuring a link here to his 15 minute reflections on this week’s readings.

This Sunday: “Long story here and I won’t trouble your with why I can’t find the ninth Sunday in OT from Fr. Barron but it has something to do with Easter. Here is  a link to last weeks post on the 7 deadly sins and the 7 lively virtues in case you missed it”

Click here to listen to Fr. Barron’s Homily for This Sunday

Fr. Scott Lewis

Fr. Scott Lewis is an associate professor of New Testament at Regis College in Toronto.  Each week Fr. Lewis writes a short reflection on the upcoming readings in the Catholic Register.

This Sunday: ” A theologian once insisted that “religion is unbelief.” While this is probably a stark and exaggerated statement in need of much qualification there is also a kernel of truth in it. ..”

Click Here to read the rest of Fr. Lewis’ reflection for THIS SUNDAY

Fr. Greg Friedman

Sunday Soundbites is a weekly, 90-second radio homily based on the Sunday readings, written and read by Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M. Sunday Soundbites is also heard on Catholic radio stations around the country.

This Sunday:  “Some years ago, I watched the construction of the building where I’m making this recording. To prepare the foundation, the construction company dug a pretty big hole, and poured concrete footings around steel rods placed deep in the ground. I feel confident this building will stand up to time and weather….”

Click here to listen to This Sunday’s Soundbite.

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