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Easter Season Readings

This weeks readings from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which uses the New American Bible. They offer a Podcast and other bible related content.

This Week is: 3rd Sunday of Easter

The Word on Fire

The Word On Fire – Fr. Robert Barron’s internet site offers many interesting insights into all things Catholic. Fr. Barron has a full library of homilies that he has prepared and we will be featuring a link here to his 15 minute reflections on this week’s readings.

This Sunday: “Our Gospel for today, taken from the wonderful 21st chapter of St. John’s Gospel, is filled with mystical and symbolic allusions. The disciples in the boat are evocative of the church; Jesus on the shore calls to mind the eschatological fulfillment toward which the church is journeying; Peter calls to mind both sinful Adam and the promise of redemption. In all of it, we see a picture of discipleship.

Click Here to Listen to the Homily from Robert Barron: The Structure of Discipleship

Fr. Scott Lewis

Fr. Scott Lewis is an associate professor of New Testament at Regis College in Toronto. He is a past president of the Canadian Catholic Biblical Association. Each week Fr. Lewis writes a short reflection on the upcoming readings in the Catholic Register.

This Sunday: “It is extremely difficult to remain silent when we have exceptionally good news. The words burn within us and we can hardly wait to share something wonderful. Imagine how much more difficult it would be — if not impossible — to remain silent when the news we had to share had a universal and life-altering impact...”

Click Here to read the rest of Fr. Lewis’ reflection on 3rd Sunday of Easter

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