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I was talking to some folks close to me on Boxing Day, and the subject got around to the importance of “truth telling”. It seems that in families, the truth is often sacrificed for a number of reasons. Some of them are at least noble, in principle anyway (i.e. not wanting to make others feel bad) while most of the time we just want to avoid the truth as it serves our own advantage.

I have been posting recently about Happiness 101. Truth telling seems to be an essential pathway to lasting happiness.

 Here is some wisdom from a few great minds about the importance of telling the truth. The pictures are snapshots from around town by a friend of mine named James.

Truth Buddha

Truth Lewis

Truth Luther

 Truth Twain

One Response to “The Wisdom of Truth Telling”

  1. Laura Burton says:

    … and I know who you were talking to on Boxing Day!! As Mark Twain’s quote says – “if you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”. As I get older I have trouble remembering what I did yesterday so always telling the truth is going to be easy!!
    Happy New Year Mike.
    Love ya, Laura