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Bestselling Christian author Philip Yancy offers his perspective on God and suffering. An interesting point he makes is that in the Bible God never answers the “WHY” questions.

We do not know why bad things happen but through Jesus we do know how God feels about those who are suffering.

One Response to “The Wisdom of Philip Yancy- God & Suffering”

  1. Barb Clapperton says:

    Hi Deacon Mike, many years ago, when I was first diagnosed with MS, the question of ‘why’ came up only for a short period of time, I believe that when sickness happens or extraordinary events, these are not a results of ‘God’ but rather God surrounds us with the people we need in order to get threw these things and deal with what has happened. So I thank Him for giving me the family and friends I have that understand my illness and are there for me at any time. Just my thoughts.
    Hope you’re well