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A common questions people have when we talk often times centre around one topic- forgiveness. I have been told that the vast majority of Jesus’ teachings touched on this particular topic.

Below is a short introduction to a course that is offered that talks about the three types of forgiveness. It is food for thought especially of you are wrestling with a past hurt that dominates your life.

Here the description of this video:

We have all had times in our relationships when we hurt a loved one, or a loved one hurt us. That’s part of life. But not all of us know how to forgive, even when the other party has offered a sincere apology. In this Prager University course, UCLA psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Marmer shares the three types of forgiveness–exoneration, forbearance, and release–and explains why anyone who wants to mend meaningful relationships must first understand forgiveness. Internalizing Dr. Marmer’s teaching can be an important first step, for many people, to keeping and fixing their most valued relationships

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