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This video is a bit longer than what I usually post but if you have 12 minutes this is well worth your time.

At age 108, Holocaust survivor Alice Herz Sommer still practices piano for 3 hours every day. At age 104, she had a book written about her life: “A Garden Of Eden In Hell.” At age 83, she had cancer. Alice survived the concentration camps through her music, her optimism and her gratitude for the small things that came her way – a smile, a kind word, the sun. When asked about the secret of her longevity, Alice says: “I look where it is good.”

Here is one bit of wisdom she shares when talking about being with her 5 year old son in the concentration camp:

“How can a child not laugh if his mother is laughing.”

Video from KarmaTube

One Response to “The Wisdom of Alice Herz Sommer: “I look where it is good.””

  1. Barb Clapperton says:

    WOW…..I try to live life as she does, teach my children all I can, be grateful, and always look for the good. She is fantastic….I think God is keeping her here so we can learn from her.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Deacon Mike.
    PS Being a parent and having a smile makes a difference for kids.. laughter is also an important daily requirement .