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I was talking to a young person just before Christmas and she shared with me this quote from the legendary Albus Dumbledore ,who was the teacher  to young Harry Potter. I am not well versed in the lexicon of Harry Potter so I will need to rely on my younger readers to keep me up to date on the wisdom of J.K Rowling and her legendary band of characters.

I am going to guess that this quote comes about as the old wise mentor of the young Harry Potter is preparing Harry for the day he, Dumbledore, dies. Here are a few things that catch my attention about this teaching:

  • Life must be the first adventure and we are called to live to the fullest;
  • Death is a reality but  if one has a well-organized mind it is not something to be feared;
  • The task of developing a well organized mind is  essential to experiencing life and death as great adventures.

Much to think about and work on!

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