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One of the reasons we know so much about Saul from Tarsus is that after his transformational experience while on the road to Damascus, he started to write letters using the name Paul.

The art of writing and reading long letters seems to be dying. A major challenge for many of  us Catholics is that our exposure to Paul is limited to listening to snippets from his letters each Sunday, which means we don’t always have the complete context of his message.

Paul wrote these letters to small communities he had established on his travels often times in response to questions they had about this new faith, he had converted them to when he was with them. The problem is we don’t actually have the questions, and if you read the letters you will see Paul evolve in his own understanding as he gets older.

Below is a link to an ‘app’ from a site called BibleGateway. I realize it is not a Catholic organization but for my money (and it costs nothing to use their many services) this is a great place to get access to the scriptures.

If you are like me, and you like to listen more than to read the app below is made for you.

I encourage you to use it to read at least one (and hopefully more) of Paul’s letters from start to finish in one sitting.

If you only have time for one, then I suggest 1 Corinthians as it has the definition of what love is…. which is a key to living life as a follower of the Christ.


Bible Gateway

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