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Some of my friends at St. Patrick’s may have noticed that I was scheduled to preach this weekend. As they (whoever they are) like to say nothing makes God smile more than people making plans.

It turns out that this weekend is ShareLife Sunday, the annual appeal for folks to give to various Catholic Charities. I have been preempted  by a worthy cause.

The one regret I have about this is that the gospel this week is the Jesus teaching us using the parable of the Prodigal Son.

So I have decided to use the internet to deliver a series of reflections to be posted this weekend as each mass starts at St. Patrick’s parish.

I borrowed these reflections from my spiritual mentor Henri Nouwen whose most popular book is based on a painting by Rembrandt that depicts the  reunion of the younger son and the father.

Click here for the reading.

Below is a scene  from the movie Jesus of Nazareth featuring this rich teaching.


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