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The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge is a post written on a blog called zenhabits by master blogger Leo Babauta. Leo has been at this blogging thing for a while now, runs multiple sites, has written several e-books. He has pioneered the idea of the “uncopyright” which means his ideas and stories are free for the taking and reading.

Therefore here is one article he recently posted about the madness of Black Friday in the US of A. Leo is a “minimalist”. Interesting concept and one I want to explore in 2012 in more detail. I have decided to put off becoming a minimalist until after my iPhone 4S arrives which should be any day now. (Yes I am weak!)

Click on the link below to be transported with minimal effort to Leo’s site for the ideas on how to make this Christmas different.

The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge Posted by Leo Babauta

Are you ready to participate in the mad shopping frenzy that we partake in every year, not only on Black Friday but all holiday season long?

Are you ready for an incredible burst of spending, for racking up credit card debt, for the stress of buying things for everyone on your list?

Are you ready to consume an insane amount of resources, to have a huge impact on the environment, to work long hours to pay for all that?

Yep, it’s the holiday season again, and with it comes the worst season for consumerism ever.

I say, let’s opt out.

My family and I are issuing a challenge to all my wonderful readers, to the world: The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge.

What is this crazy challenge? It’s simple —Click here for all these rules:

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