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Two ideas for this week’s homily:
First from Fr. Robert Barron’s homily this week  comes the concept of living a life based on a concept Fr. Barron calls Radical Love. Keeping the commandments Jesus highlights in the gospel is foundational to living life as a follower of the Chrsit.
The second idea is Fr. Richard Rohr’s idea that he refers to as the Spirituality of Subtraction. Fr. Rohr’s audio program called the Art of Letting Go, and it is described  as follows:

We often think of saints as rare individuals whose gifts far exceed our own, and St. Francis is no exception. However, for Fr. Richard Rohr, the life and teachings of this beloved figure offer an authentic spirituality we can all embody. On The Art of Letting Go, Fr. Rohr gives us a six-session learning course that explores: the surprising richness we discover through simplifying our lives–without taking a vow of poverty; liberation from our self-limiting biases and certitudes; contemplation and action, two key steps toward communing more deeply with the Divine; and more.

Jesus tells the rich young man to go and sell everything he has, give the money to the poor, and then come follow him. It is something the young made chooses not to do because he has many possessions.

The challenge seems to be how to interpret this in our modern-day  world. Fr. Richard offers an interesting path based on the examples from the life of St. Francis.

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