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Well it was a good time at our house but a bad day for this Patriots’ fan.

I made 5 bets with my daughter on various aspects of the game. Now you have know that she has watched exactly zero, nada, zippo , zlich football games all year. I on the other hand have invested hours each week, never missing the Patriots if they are on the field.

So how did the bets turn out:

  • The Game: Daughter beats Dad
  • The Coin Toss: Daughter beats Dad- the first sign of trouble to come!
  • Over/Under on the “Brave” National Anthem: Daughter beats Dad
  • First Score: Daughter beats Dad
  • First Score TD or Field Goal: Daughter beats Dad

In case your not counting the final score was:  Daughter 5- Dad 0!!!!

Life is just not fair- fun maybe but definitely not fair.



One Response to “The Aftermath of Super Bowl Sunday: Life is not fair”

  1. Dubya says:

    Thats what you get for going against Eli