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My regular reader knows that each week I link to the Word on Fire a blog of Fr. Robert Barron who is based in Chicago.

Given my theme this week – WTH or What the Hell- I thought it might be good to look at sin. In my early post I talked about a good Catholic woman who told her son that she believed she was dying and that after a dedicated life of going to church she had concluded that she was destined to go to hell.

This story got me to thinking that many of us have very little understanding of sin let along hell.

In this 4 part series Fr. Barron goes into detail on these sins and the lively virtues that help us overcome them. Each sermon is 10-15 minutes long so you will need a bit of time to complete the entire series. In all it is about as long as a TV show without the commercial so grab a coffee or tea and take a few moments to explore the concept of sin with Fr. Robert Barron.

Part 1: Pride / Humility

The principle spiritual dysfunction’s of human beings have been named traditionally as the seven deadly sins. In this first of a four-part series, we discuss the nature of sin and the first of the deadly sins, pride. Finally, we explore the antidote to pride, the lively virtue of humility.

Part 2: Envy & Anger/ Admiration & Forgiveness

In this second part Fr. Barron examines the deadly sins of envy and anger, and we explore their antidotes, admiration and forgiveness.

Part 3: Sloth & Avarice / Mission & Generosity

Here Fr. Barron looks at sloth (the sin that some spiritual masters have called the most serious in our time) and avarice, as well as their antidotes, zeal for the mission and generosity.

Part 4: Gluttony & Lust/ Asceticism and Chastity

Fr. Barron concludes his analysis by examining the least serious of the deadly sins, namely gluttony and lust. And we propose as their antidotes asceticism and chastity.

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