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Yesterday I posted a video from Life Teen which I called A History Lesson about the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal”.

I received the e-mail below from someone I went to high school with who was not exactly thrilled with the video and by the looks of it the New Translation. Therefore, for a different perspective, and one I believe will be shared by many over the coming weeks here is the e-mail and a link to a story in the National Catholic Register.

I think it was Jesus that said- “whenever two or more of my followers are gathered in my name there will likely be a disagreement”,  or words to that effect

Deacon Mike:

Talk about spin !!!  I noticed how the “History Lesson” completely skipped the 1998 version that was approved by the Bishops of every English speaking country throughout the world. 

For a little fairness, how about posting some comments from those who don’t drink the kool-aid served up by the group of Bishops and Cardinals in Rome?  In my opinion, any Grade 12 Latin class from the ’70s at Brebeuf could have produced a far better translation than this Vox Clara monstrosity.  For a different perspective, here’s an article, written by a Catholic priest, in the current National Catholic Reporter.

Click here for the article:  ” Mapping a Liturgical Sentence”



The article is written by Fr. Isaac McDaniel, a Catholic priest who teaches at Bellarmine University and Spalding University in Louisville, Ky. The story is marked as FICTION. One can assume this is how Fr.  McDaniel feels about the changes coming upon us this weekend.

If you click through to the article you will see that it is an encounter between “Fr. Dan” and the Grand Knight of  the Knights of Columbus Council of the  church he pastors.  Here is an interesting quote from the Grand Knight who is a supporter of the new translation:

“Take this New Missal, for instance. We’ll finally get to pray the way that Moses and the early Christians prayed. Why, these new prayers were translated straight from Latin, the language Jesus spoke when he talked down to the crowds and his disciples.”

In case you’re interested here is an article called: Jesus spoke Aramaic for one opinion on the subject of which language Jesus used during his ministry.

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