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This is a re-posting of an earlier Book of the Month selection highlighting the work of Fr. Richard Rohr. This is the second time in two years my preaching date has landed on the beatitudes ans once again I have returned to Fr. Rohr’s tapes on the Sermon on the Mount.

Again a line that really caught  my attention – and I paraphrase it here – is “That Jesus was not killed by evil men- no, he was put to death for daring to challenge the CONVENTIONAL WISDOM of his day.”

This it seems to me needs to be the focus of the homily.

Rhor does a brilliant job of setting the stage for what he calls the greatest of the wisdom teachings of Jesus that we call the Sermon on the Mount. He spends most of the retreat  explaining the context of Matthew’s community and highlights why the evangelist wrote the way he did about  the Beatitudes.

Click here to order the CD set from St. Anthony Messenger Press where you can find the following description of Fr. Rohr’s work:

“Richard Rohr leads us through the social, political and environmental setting out of which Matthew brought Christ’s radical message of a new world order. He explains Matthew’s challenge to let go of the conventional wisdom that comes with contemporary American culture.

Each of seven talks brings us closer to the heart of the Sermon. Rohr contrasts conventional wisdom with the wisdom of Christ and draws the listener into the Kingdom of God, the end of the world and the experience of enlightenment. He explains that each generation lives in end times, that the Kingdom is for those willing to let go of all cultural idolatry (past and present) and that those who live in reality travel a path of life which unfolds into freedom. This series is a powerful call to follow Jesus Christ in the commandments of the New Testament.”

Talk 1: Awakening the Heart: Recognizing Cultural Idolatry
Talk 2: Voices of the World: Social Institutions
Talk 3: Table Fellowship: Alfalfa Sprouts and Gravy
Talk 4: Matthew’s Gospel: Charter for a New World Order
Talk 5: Transformation: Jumping Off the Tower
Talk 6: The Sermon and Conventional Wisdom
Talk 7: Love and Power, Power and Love

In the clip below, Fr. Rhor talks about the importance of vulnerability and uses the Hospice movement as an example of faith in action as they walk with another as death approaches.

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