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Several years back HBO produced a series called ROME. I bring this to your attention with a bit of trepidation as this version of the story of Rome is violent, raunchy (to say the least), contains strong language and is not to be confused in any way with movies like The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Many will find it to be hard to watch so I am NOT recommending it, especially if you are easily or for that matter, moderately easy to offend. As President Obama says- “LET ME BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS”- if you watch this show, there is nudity,which as it often does leads to sex, profanity and thousands of very bloody killings.

Why would I bring to your attention if that is the case?

I am fascinated by the History of Rome. In an earlier post, I reviewed a podcast I have been following on the subject, and I encourage you to click on this link to find out more.

Understanding the Roman Empire helps us to get a better picture of what life in our Lord’s time was like and allows us to put the stories of the New Testament into context.

I will be posting a video of Fr. Robert Barron talking about this week’s gospel story about Jesus in the wilderness. He uses the characters in this series to illustrate the three great temptations of life- sensuality, glory and power.

Here is the trailer from the series- it is rated suitable for all audiences- as an introduction to tomorrow’s post:

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