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Road Trip

As the Willie Nelson song says- I am on the road again.

One of the great joys of having adult children is that you can just pick up at the last minute and decide you want to hit the road. When it is your son it is even easier as the amount of planning required is as close to zero as it can get.

We met Thursday for dinner, mapped out a rough schedule, got on Hotwire and entered in our location, Hotwire returned a bunch of slections, but not the name of the hotel, we hit accept and the trip was largely booked.

Friday afternoon it is wheels up from Toronto with our new GPS in hand and the adventure was on.

So one of my secrets is out- I may be an itinerant but it would seem I have an overdependence on high tech devices to keep me from wandering too far from the beaten track. In addition to our GPS we both have cell phones, one iPod, two iPads and a laptop just in case.

Remember when all you wanted to find when you were travelling was a clean washroom, well now  the search for free wireless is the most important.

I will do my best, no promises, to post a few thoughts from the raod trip, but I will re-post a few things from the past as I have a years worth of observations from the road.

Got to go as the free breakfast at the hotel awaits and then onto to South Carolina and if all goes well we will be settled in time for the Super Bowl and the American commercials!!!

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