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A look backwards at a year gone by can be a way to help plan the way forward.

The year of our Lord 2011 had many memorable moments and if you will indulge me this personal reflection here are a few:

  • watching family and friends experience their kids getting married;
  • seeing my daughter as the bridesmaid to her friend of 25 years and wondering- how did they grow up so fast;
  • new babies arriving and on the way;
  • some people we were close to left this world;
  • saying good bye to our lovely lakeside retreat;
  • but moving our son into his new home;
  • a trip to remember with said son to the south for golf and time shared;
  • getting my new “smarter than me” phone- wait that may not have been such a good move;
  • Christmas at Dismas- friends enjoying each others fellowship;
  • a Christmas busy with people helping others;
  • followed by a quiet Christmas day at home with family;
  • a New’s Year Eve watching bad TV with the people you love- just like every other year.

The most significant remembrance is actually an ending and a new beginning. My absolute best friend in the world ended her cancer treatments. The very young, and I do mean young, doctors tell us that all looks as good as could be expected. This past Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were small for us but full of hope.

I believe that is the one big lesson from 2011. A wise man recently told me that after a certain point in life you really only learn from your failures and suffering. I am not sure I buy that 100% but there is much  wisdom in these words. The struggles we face do help us to prioritize the things in life we value.

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One of my favorites has become- “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.Annie Dillard


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