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Regular visitors will know that each week (usually on Tuesday’s) I do my best to post a series of links to items that will help us prepare for the coming Sunday’s readings. One of the experts I call upon is Fr. Scott Lewis who writes each week for the Catholic Register. Fr. Lewis’ column is worth the price of the paper by itself but you get so much more with a subscription – I recommend you give it a look.

This week I want to highlight Fr. Lewis’ reflection as it captures the important themes of the Ascension that will be in my homily.

In this first abbreviated segment of his article “God prepares us for our glorious inheritance”, Fr. Lewis reminds us that we experience God in our human relationships & that our God is a God of kindness and Generosity:

Part I: Experiencing God in our relationships

Angelic figures floating on clouds and playing harps — that is the image of heaven portrayed in many cartoons, stories and works of art. In an ancient worldview it makes perfect sense — God is “up there” in the sky from where He dispatches thunderbolts, rain, sun, plagues and so on….

But our encounter with the transcendent, God, is not spatial or temporal. It is relational, and relationship begins on Earth through our relationships with one another, with the created world and with the deepest part of our own soul. Jesus is about to reveal this to the assembled disciples…

Even as they stand gawking at the “ascending” Jesus, they are warned by the two angelic messengers to keep their eyes on Earth — on everyday life — for Jesus will be experienced on the level of human relationships.

If only we could glimpse for a moment what God has in store for us…So often people think in terms of judgment and punishment but cannot bring themselves to think in terms of God’s generosity and kindness.

Please click here to read the entire reflection

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