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I love a good argument. Two sides staking out their ground, passionately engaging each other and at the end of the discussion they order another drink and agree to disagree with respect.

I have a few friends like this, and even though they are wrong on so many issues (perhaps I could use another lesson on humility) I enjoy their company.

Christopher Hitchens is a writer and commentator on world events and I have too admit I agree with many of his views and vehemently disagree with others – Chris lay-off Mother Teresa for starters!.

He is the author of  best seller – god is not Great and  is currently  battling with cancer, a fight he admits he will most likely lose.

I heard “Hitch” talk about Christians praying for him. I understand why people of faith  pray for this self-proclaimed leader of the atheist movement even if it confuses him. What confounds me, however,  is to hear about Christians that send him mail proclaiming in no uncertain terms that  God has sent him this cancer as revenge for his provocative and at times nasty atheistic views.

A question: What kind of a God would be petty enough to seek revenge against one of his own children by inflicting him with such a terrible disease?

This line of thinking raises another question that confuses my simple God fearing mind, especially as a person whose closet friend is herself struggling with this disease:  If God punishes the non-believers this way then why does one who is faith filled  get cancer?

My thought on this: God doesn’t sit in his heaven singling out people, believers/non-believers- saints/sinners for  punishment through disease and suffering.

Why does this happen?  Well above my pay grade to answer this question.

But my inability to explain this great mystery in a sentence or two will not hold me back from offering some advice:

Beware the Christian who speaks with certainty on behalf of God, especially when it comes to judging another and never be afraid to offer a prayer for that person or for your favorite atheist.

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