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Mary of Nazareth

This week I am making final preparations for the homily this coming weekend as we celebrate the Assumption of Mary.

One of the purposes for starting the blog was to share ideas with folks while preparing these talks. This is a slightly out of the ordinary week in that I will only be the preacher for one of the masses at St. Patrick’s at 12:30 Pm–  due to personal commitments. I did, however, want to write this week on some of the research and reflections that have helped me in my thinking about the Assumption of Mary.

I  have been blessed with  the opportunity to visit Nazareth on three occasions with my friends from Faith Journeys. Nazareth is where our story begins and it is a humble beginning.(John 1:46)

I invite you to take a virtual tour of the current day town of Nazareth. Nazareth was, in the time of Christ,  a small village of little if any significance.

Mary was a young woman in her early teenage years when the angel Gabriel came to her and in an instant changed her life and the course of the world. The Church of the Annunciation was been built to remember this event where a young girl was required to make a decision that would change everything.

Nazareth is the town Joseph and Mary returned to and raised Jesus after their time as refugees hiding out in Egypt. It is likely in Nazareth that Mary grieved for her husband following his death.

Finally,Nazareth  is the site where Jesus came home to teach in the synagogue (Luke 4:16-30) only to be driven out by the religious leaders as they attempted to throw him from Mt. Precipice . On this site are the remains of a small Church called: Our Lady of the Fright- some call it the Teardrop Church.

Following the events of Luke’s gospel Mary must have known that her Son would never again return to Nazareth. We are told several times in the New Testament  that Mary “pondered” all of these things in her heart.

What do you think this means- Mary pondered these things in her heart?

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