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Here is a picture of an ex-con named Charlie. I will not go into detail of Charlie’s case other than to say it was a long and complex situation.

Charlie died several years ago and at his funeral his friends gathered to remember this man who struggled but managed to spend the last 10 years of  his life as a free man. The reason he was able to accomplish this long stretch of freedom, when experts predicted there was a 100% chance the he would offend again, was in large part because of his friends.

What strikes me about the picture above is how much Charlie looks like the face of Christ in this famous icon (Christ in Maryknoll).

Remember the question in our gospel this week when the righteous ask:  Lord when did we see you in prison?

One Response to “Lord when did we see you?”

  1. Olivia says:

    Thanks for a beautiful concrete example of what Jesus wants us to look for in everyone we meet!