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What could Lindsay Lohan possibly teach us about the beatitudes?

Look at Lindsay’s  life or at least the part that is visible to us, which is not the full story.

She started in show business as a child model. By age 11 she is a movie star and a millionaire soon thereafter. She is considered one of the beautiful people and is as “in” as you can get with hundred’s of “friends” and millions of admirers.

She is a celebrity. Lindsay works hard to create an image for the world to consume, and she needs to build and feed an ego that keeps the whole machine of her celebrity growing.

Then it all starts to crumble. By 2006 she is in AA  and by 2009 on this cover of US magazine, which describes this big movie star as: dumped, humiliated, broke and crying that everyone has turned against me. She is alone.

Young Lindsay it would seem is actually the opposite of a person who is “Poor in Spirit” and it is evident that happiness has eluded her. Fame and money left her and when they did so followed many of her friends.

In the beatitudes Jesus offers a different path than the world. It is not an easier way necessarily as it will challenge the conventional wisdom of the day. To be of humble spirit in a place that seems to reward the bold is a difficult lesson to understand let alone live.

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