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Luke 23: 27

A large number of people followed him, including women who mourned and wailed for him.

Dismas Reflection:

We were halfway along the route to our execution place.  There was a small band of women who were following Jesus.  One woman really pushed her luck when she ran up to Jesus and she wiped his face with a cloth.  She had courage to say the least, but the Romans pushed her aside and we continued our last stretch of road.

As I have said many times in telling you this story something just doesn’t seem right though.  People lined the road calling Jesus , Rabbi or even Master. They had a lot of names for Him, but the one that stood out was Messiah.   I had heard stories a Messiah, the chosen one of God.  Could Jesus really be the one who was chosen by God?

Was this why he kept calling God his Father?

Reflection Question:

Jesus, in my life, I’ve have often failed to stop and help another in need. With your love in my heart do you think I could  show kindness to another the way that woman did to you?

With St. Dismas we pray:

Dear God, grant me a generous and loving heart, to do your will and to show kindness to those who need it especially to those who in the past I have judged as unworthy of my kindness and compassion.

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