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One of my favorite books on the gospel is – ‘Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John” ,which was written by the Canadian philosopher and Catholic social innovator, Jean Vanier.

Jean Vanier is the founder of  a community centered around people with mental disabilities called  L’Arche which has now become a global movement.

In late 2007 he taped an interview with Krista Tippett of American Public Radio.

Krista shares that Jean Vanier ” is simply one of the wise men in our world today — an icon of lived compassion. [In this interview] we speak about his understanding of humanity and God that has been shaped across a fascinating lifetime by the likes of Aristotle, Mother Teresa, and people who would once have been locked away from society. He has spent his life practically exploring the most basic, paradoxical teachings of Christianity — notions about power in humility, strength in weakness, and light in the darkness of human existence.”

To listen to the interview please click here.

One Response to “Jean Vanier – The Wisdom of Tenderness”

  1. Olivia says:

    Mike, thank you for posting this conversation with Jean Vanier. His final statement is deceptively simple and incredibly powerful: “What is important is to become a little friend of Jesus.”