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Bishop SheenI was at a funeral service recently, and it was led by Pastor Mike. At the two hour mark my Mennonite friend whispered in my ear, “Mike there is a lot to be said for the Catholic Mass.”

The theme I am kicking around for this week’s homily on the Ascension of our Lord is: “So what do we do now?” Yesterday we looked at the Great Commission in Matthew’s gospel where Jesus tells us to stop worrying because he will be with us until the end of the age.

One of the ways he fulfills this promise is through the gift of the Eucharist which is at the core of the Catholic Mass.

Below is a 29-minuteĀ  homily (yes I said 29 minutes) from Bishop Fulton Sheen. I debated whether I should post it for several reasons. First, it is 29 minutes long so most folks won’t invest that kind of time. Second, it is a bit dated, and some of the references may seem out of place in 2013.

I decided to share it with you because Bishop Sheen has a powerful and descriptive view of what the Mass means. He challenges those of us that find the mass boring and irrelevant to ask ourselves what we bring to the mass.

I particularly like the story he tells right at the end of the homily. It is rooted in a different era. It is set in China at the time of the communist take over. This true story catches the essence of the importance of the mass and of communion which he argues has little to do with “bells and smells”. If you are in a hurry, then fast-forward to the 21-minuteĀ  mark of the video.

Bishop Sheen may be a voice from another time, but he does provide food for thought about the food Jesus left us for our journey.

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