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You have to admit that is an impressive title for a blog posted here at the Itinerant Preacher! Perhaps this proves that the two years of Latin taught to me by the Jesuits was not wasted.

Alas they may have been as I ‘borrowed’ this headline from a blog called Rorate-Caeli (which I think means Drop down ye heavens from above).

Based on a very quick tour of the website, and their  fondness of all things Latin,  I am guessing that these folks are pretty traditional in their outlook. For my conservative Catholic friends this might be a welcome place to visit along the internet superhighway. If you are one of my more liberal, non-Latin speaking companions, you might find this site a little less hospitable to your viewpoint but there looks to be some well researched and documented landmarks to check out.


In their post,  Quas Primas, 80 years on: Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat , they describe in vivid detail, the circumsatance that surrounded this encyclical from Pope Pius XI that lead to the establishment of  the day which we call the Soleminity of Christ the King. Here is an except:

With Quas Primas, Pius raised his voice: Yes, there is. There is a throne which shall never fall, there is a King who shall reign forever, there is an Empire which brings peace, not war; justice, not confusion; eternal beatitude, not ephemeral ecstasy. This King is Christ:

In case you were wondering what the Latin phrase in the title means I found the following explanation and definition. (The folks at Rorate-Caeli  seem to assume you know this and if you don’t you should!)

The last Sunday before Advent is the feast of Christ the King.  In Memoria Press’s new Lingua Angelica program, students study “Christus Vincit,” a perfect way to celebrate this feast day-and it’s easy to learn!  There are only four words in “Christus Vincit,” and all the verbs are in the present tense.  It goes as follows:

Christus vincit,
Christus regnat,
Christus, Christus imperat.

That’s all!  If we translate that into English, we get the following:

Christ conquers,
Christ reigns,
Christ rules.



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