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Every new liturgical year I keep coming back to Dr. Alexander Shaia’s book theThe Hidden Power of the Gospels. This book explores the journey as it relates to the four Christian gospels. Dr. Shaia also discusses the original communities for which the gospels were written and shares the significance of the development of the Three-Year Sunday gospel reading sequence.

The four progressive paths of Quadratos correspond to the four gospels and the four great questions of the spiritual life and is helpful in opening the mind to the Scriptures.

First Path: How do we face change?
Climbing the Great Mountain of Matthew

Second Path: How do we move through suffering?

Crossing Mark’s Stormy Sea

Third Path: How do we receive joy?
Resting in John’s Glorious Garden

Fourth Path: How do we mature in service?
Walking Luke’s Road of Riches

The link below will take you to a one-hour interview hosted by Rev. Alan Jones who, at the time was head of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco with Dr. Shaia. So if you are a traveler that enjoys listening to Christians of different traditions talk about the life of Christ, then please feel free to visit Grace Cathedral in San Francisco for some far reaching discussions and perhaps a view of the gospels you have never experienced before. Prepare to go “Beyond the Biography of Jesus”.

Click here to see Alexander talk about his book “Beyond the Biography of Jesus”.

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