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Hello from Nashville

Just to let folks know I have been in beautiful Nashville Tennessee since Friday night. It is hot down here- how hot well so hot you can really fry an egg on the road.

I have travelled here as part of my new job as the Executive Director of the Henri Nouwen Soiciety. I have had a wonderful series of meetings with people that love the work of Henri, knew him well and are committed to our mission which is:

Transformed Lives through and intimate relationship with God.

I will be writing more about Henri in the future but for now I wanted to let you know I will be answering the questions on forgiveness as promised when I get back and will post the This Sunday link as well when I get a chance.

Take Care and stay cool!!!

In the meantime I got the following e-mailnon the homily on forgiveness and reconciltation from a parishioner. I would like to thank her and others for their e-mails and questions:

Dear Deacon Mike:
I am new at St. Partrick’s and was so glad to hear such a brave and honest homily on Sunday, June 12th.

I have spoken of it to others and have said that it was one of the truest and most challenging homilies I have ever heard. It reminded me of a comment that the actor Martin Sheen made some time ago when involved in a peace rally. He was questioned by a reporter. “Mr. Sheen, are you a Communist?” He answered, “No, I am something much more dangerous than that, I am a Roman Catholic”.

I have heard so much vitriole in the discussions around clergy sexual abuse. There is no question that it is a terrible evil. However, amidst the compassion for the victims, it seems there is no such thing for the perpetrator never mind mercy. To even mention the notion of mercy has often brought a diatribe of anger to me. Worse, it appears that to take that stand one is perceived as being in favour of child sexual abuse.

The Jesus I love and whose servant I am, calls us to the kind of radical behaviour you indicated in your wonderful homily. I found great comfort in it as well as a renewed call to truly follow the teaching of the Gospel. Thank you!

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