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A small personal post to my wonderful daughter who today celebrates her “Champagne Birthday”.  My daughter turns 27 on the 27th and it turns out that everyone in the world seems to know that this is her once in a lifetime Champagne Birthday.

This daughter of mine loves birthdays. She has this unique talent of being able to remember every family members date of entry into this world and she does her best to wish them well on their special day.

For most of us who are of a certain age, and have children, we likely remember celebrating our kids birthday’s with cakes and perhaps parties. As they grow into adulthood things change but no matter how old they get your mind seems to be able to go back to the day of their arrival like it was yesterday. I enjoy reflecting back to that day (or days in the case of my son) but recently I notice myself always coming back to the same thought- “Where in the world did all of those years go?”

Time does have a way of flying by on us. In the case of our  daughter we have been gifted with a a great kid who has grown into a wonderful woman. We are blessed to share a deep love and bond with her.

One of the real joys of life is watching your children grow and while we may lament the loss of their childhood we can hopefully enjoy their ongoing company as good friends and companions along the road of life.

Happy Birthday MEW and thanks for the 27 years of memories.

Love Ya- Dad

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