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Goodbye 2010

This is a year I will be glad to see leave the stage tonight.

I shared earlier in a post ( “5 Words that changed my life “), in April 2010, that we found out my wife had an aggressive form of breast cancer. This of course changed everything.

So if you will indulge me, here are a few random reflections/lessons that I picked up on the bumpy road that was 2010:

  • Life is full surprises. Some good- like a wonderful new job with great people, some not so great like being told that “the pathology is not good.- “Be prepared to change course & Cancer sucks!”
  • Being overwhelmed by the warm wishes, prayers and acts of kindness from family, friends and folks you don’t even know that well.- “Be amazed by the power of kindness and the gift of friendship.”
  • The Indy car racing weekend with my son and Christmas shopping with my daughter- “Enjoy the quality moments when they come your way.”
  • Finding renewed enjoyment in the smallest things, like taking even the shortest of walks with your best friend- “Take time to really experience what is important in life.”
  • Seeing your friend’s picture on the front page of the Catholic Register and reading his story of struggle and renewed hope- “We all are the beloved of God and worthy of another chance.”
  • Experiencing the generosity of the people of faith who helped the Friends of Dismas continue to grow- “Never under estimate the people of God & leave some room for the Holy Spirit to work.”
  • Enjoying dinner with loved ones and friends- “Sharing a meal can be the holiest of experinces.”
  • God doesn’t mind if I get mad at him from time to time.-“God understands that I don’t always understand.”

Nothing earth shattering here to be sure and perhaps that is the lesson for me to take away from this most difficult of years. In the midst of the fight of a lifetime against a disease you can not see, it is these small gifts of love and friendship that I value more than anything I own.

The year 2010- I can only say I am glad to see you go but thanks the lessons you have left that I will never forget.

Happy New Year!

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