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Gone Racing

It  is Indy weekend here in Toronto and that means I will be taking a few days off.

Car racing is a strange spectator spot indeed. Here are a few of the ‘attractions’:

  • It is loud to be sure;
  • Even with good seats, and after 20+ years we have some of the best, you only get to see a small portion of the event at any one time;
  • The premium seats share on thing in common with the general admission stands- they are as uncomfortable a seating arrangement known to any sport;
  • The event takes place over a 3 day period -Yes I said 3 days!;
  • The venue at the exhibition grounds has virtually NO Shade. Did I mention it is going to be hot- record breaking hot.

So why go you might ask?

I shared with you last year that I started going 21 years ago when my son was about 10 years of age. Now he is all grown up, We don’t get to see each other that much as he is busy with work and life.

Indy weekend is a chance to spend some time together. So when you add that to all the benefits I listed above who wouldn’t jump at a chance to cheer on the guys and gals in the funny fast cars.

Go Daddy and see you Monday!

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