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I was taking to a friend of mine and he told me about this interesting program hosted by Lorna Dueck called Listen Up.

I wandered on over to their website and found a show they had recently aired called Canada’s Prison Plan. Below is one of theĀ  segments that talks about crime and punishment from a parents perspective.

This is the story of Carol Kent. Her son Jason killed a man one night and this normal young man with a life full of promise ahead of him was convicted of 1st degree murder in Florida which means- NO CHANCE FOR PAROLE.

In the Friends of Dismas Ministry there have been a number of times we have encountered family members of offenders who are completely devastated by the crime of their loved one and the resultingĀ  impact of their exposure to the criminal justice system.

Take a moment and listen to Carol tell her story and ask yourself if helping people and families touched by crime might be a calling you might want to explore more deeply.


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