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This new work is published by Tyndale House Publishers and it is not  your typical self-help, make good type of book.

Author Cory Cotton shares that “the book you’re holding is for people who want to go big… period…. This book is for those who want to pursue excellence, who want to blow it out of the water and chase down their dreams. This book is for those that want to go big- and who refuse to apologize for it.”

When I read that I was taken thirty years to a business author I came to admire and enjoyed reading called Tom Peters. His breakthrough book was “In Search of Excellence” and in it he highlighted a number of companies that excelled at what they did because of what and how they did it.

Corry and the boys at Dude Perfect seem to have this same type of spirit about them except they are the ones pursuing their dream and they have succeeded in the new connected world by pursuing their passion and sharing it on YouTube.

There story “began with a free sandwich, a simple camera, and twenty “I can do better than you” shots. From that afternoon of friendly competition, six college guys created Dude Perfect, a YouTube group that specializes in the craziest basketball shots you can imagine. Within months, the guys went from shooting backyard trick shots to starring in GMC truck commercials and standing on an L.A. Red Carpet.”

In a nutshell these “dudes” have built a business around making seemingly impossible trick basketball shots. Out of their experiences they have developed the “Go Big Philosophy.”

The book is filled with many well tried and proven clichés such as “Pay attention to your passions” but Cotton brings a new and fresh approach to the field of business self-help. They are also young- did I mention that. A quick look at the back cover of the book shows how young they are and a visit to their YouTube channel confirms that I likely have suits that are older than these guys.

As an old guy exploring the new world of the internet through my blog, I found this book a helpful “energy drink”. It was also encouraging to see the younger generation take the basics of business excellence as described by Tom Peters all those years ago and relate them to life in the fast changing world of the internet.

Have a look at the video below and if you like the spirit and enthusiasm of these guys then buy this book for the young potential entrepreneur in your life- especially if they seem a bit under motivated.  If you are an old dog trying to learn some new tricks, like me, then the experiences of the dudes at Dude Perfect will provide you with some much needed youthful insight.

The final few pages, spoiler alert, reveal that Jesus plays a big role in the lives of the team at Dude Perfect. The final “Go Big Tip” is perhaps one of the best in the book as Cotton shares that:

“God put the idea of epic perfection inside us. That’s why people who don’t know God constantly strive for more, reach it, and still feel empty.”

This is some powerful insight from Dudes making perfect basketball shots.

To keep the folks at the FCC in the US of A happy please note that Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in return for a posting on it BUT the content is 100% up to me.

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