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As noted in my last post I spent the weekend at the Indy-Car race in Toronto with my son. We figured this may have been our 20th race (we missed 2 over the past 20+ years, so we are never quite sure.) It was a chance to catch up with some folks we see every year, and we were disappointed that a few of the faithful were not there.

There was also the opportunity to meet new people like Corn Cobb Bob. He is a simple fun-lovingĀ  type of guy. He looks to be from the country and enjoys the simple life. He is definitely the tall silent type, in fact he didn’t say a word. I guess in a certain way you could call him rugged.

The one thing I was most thankful for after meeting Bob was that I didn’tĀ  have to sit behind him for the race!

Another great weekend of fun and just spending time together with my son and with any luck, we will be having our new friend Bob over for a roast in the very near future.

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