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Every so often you meet a kind soul. Deacon Tony Pignataro is one such person. I first met Tony and his wife Laura while going through the diaconate formation program 11 years ago.

A few weeks back at a retreat Tony unveiled his new book called From Under the Linden Tree. He describes this new works as:

A collection of poems, reflections, lessons learned, childhood stories & memories inspired by walks in my garden through the four seasons. Each entry is linked to the changing rhythms & displays of nature as winter follows autumn & summer follow.

Tony has granted permission for me to reprint a selection of his poems and reflections which I will do throughout the year. We begin with one on the “Four Seasons”.

(Click here to find out more about “From Under the Linden Tree.)

By Tony Pignataro

The green of my garden is the sky,
And my daisy beds a galaxy of stars.

Spring is my returning.
I emerge as if from a night of sleep
To watch my own beginning,
The birth of leaves.

Summer is my becoming,
As all creation grows around me.
I learn that I am only a helper,
Time is the giver.
I need only reach out, pluck and eat.

In autumn I watch my own passing.
I float like a leaf on the river’s surface,
Passed seeing, passed remembering.
(Still I remain rooted by the water’s edge, Undivided.)

Winter is my burial.
Beneath the snow my candle-lit room
Is a mole’s world; my thoughts grow small.
And I wait; wait for the thawing earth
To call me to itself so I may breathe
And live again.

Please click here to find out how you can buy a copy of From Under the Linden Tree written by a friend that knows it is OK to wander in the garden every now and then.

FOUR SEASONS and Under the From Linden Tree: Copyright © 2011 Anthony M. Pignataro. Contact the publisher for permission to reprint. www.SarumHouse.com.

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