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A confession-Christopher Hitchens is an author I usually read whenever his columns show up in my newspaper. If I see he is a guest on a radio show or podcast, I know he will be provocative and controversial and I like that. He has written recently with relish about the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and in particular has attacked the Holy Father.

Does this mean that people of faith should avoid reading Hitchens and his fellow atheists like Richard Dawkins?  Each of us needs to decide that for ourselves but one service these non-believers provide is a challenge to the faithful to be prepared and capable of articulating our beliefs through word and action. Understanding the opposition’s viewpoints can help us to  be stronger in our own convictions and therefore, better advocates.

Readers of this blog know that I have a great deal of respect for Fr. Robert Barron. Each week I try to publish a post called- This Sunday– which features a link to Fr. Barron’s website- The Word on Fire– and his weekly homily on the coming week’s readings.

Below is a 3 part series on Hitchens’ best seller- god is not Great. Take a moment and listen to Fr. Barron’s in-depth analysis of the arguments found in this book a and prepare yourself for talks around the dinner table with others who just might think Hitchens and his fellow ‘god is not Great’ preachers have something to say.

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