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Among my favorite columnists and commentators is Lord Conrad Black, founder of the National Post and most recently a guest of the United States government in a federal penitentiary in Florida.He is, in my opinion, a brilliant writer and while he was imprisoned offered a number of wise and though provoking columns on the criminal justice systems in Canada and the USA.

He is also a Catholic, who this past weekend penned a column reflecting back on this past year for Catholics which he sees as one of perseverance for the Church and for Pope Benedict.

In an earlier post, I commented that Christopher Hitchens is my favorite atheist for he too is an author that makes one think, whether you agree or disagree with his point of view.

A debate between Black and Hitchens on the role of faith and religion in the world would be an event I would pay good money to witness.

Below is a quote from Lord Black’s column this week which is an example of why my money would be on his Lordship if such a debate were ever to take place:

The Church’s enemies forgot that it does not have adherents because of its personnel, but as an ark of faith. The atheists, though often articulate and courageous and knowledgeable, and heavy-laden with the ammunition provided by the fatuity and hypocrisy of much Christian history, can never deal with the insuperable evidence of spiritual forces, miracles and any ecclesiastical concept of grace. Nor can they surmount the challenge of man’s inability to grasp the infinite, the absence of an end and beginning of space or time. In these vast areas, notions of the supernatural and the deity will always circulate, no matter how great dissent may be.

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